Okay, let's get it out of the way: Madonna kissed Britney. Madonna kissed Christina. Fine. Of course Madonna did something outre and not very Gappy by kissing Britney and Christina, but when Gothamist started to think about it, it was totally predictable and not that hot or exciting. It was calculated and a little boring. It's hot only in the way that the media will be able to say "girl-on-girl" action, but big deal. It would have been better if Britney and Christina kissed. Or if Madonna kissed someone super well-scrubbed who wouldn't be down for it, like Jessica Simpson or Mandy Moore. The Post claims there was tongue, but what else would they claim?

Chris Rock At least there was Chris Rock, being hilariously savage. Highlights:
- The absurdity of someone has hot as Janet Jackson dating someone like Jermaine Dupri
- Justin Timberlake's persona turning white again when he thought he was broke; when revealed that he's been Punk'd, he turns black again, "Aw, dawg, I knew that..."
- How white rappers get all sorts of media coverage, whereas black ones don't
- Ashton Kutcher literally is a motherfucker; maybe he's Punk-ing Bruce Willis
- Saying that Coldplay's song made people want to slit their wrists.
- P. Diddy teaching the Making the Band kids "wrong from wronger."

Gothamist is still laughing. Anyway, we're sorry Johnny Cash didn't win any awards, but the other winners were pretty worthy. (Except Good Charlotte. Who are they? Luckily, John Mayer did not win for that nambly pambly song.) We're of two minds when thinking about Snoop Dogg leading scantily clad women with collars and leashes or Outkast's portable boom boom room, aka a stripper pole on a flatbed truck - it's totally in character for them and kind of funny, but it does perpetuate a lot of crappy ideas about women for the youth. A possibility for next year: A scantily clad Liz Phair leading Snoop on a leash.

Photo highlights and Video highlights from the show, courtesy MTV.

City Cynic's live blogging of the telecast.

The Daily News and Post on the evening. Style and backstage notes at the MTV VMAs.

Updated: Neal Pollack's thoughts on the MTV VMAs for Salon. Gothamist loves his observation that Chris Rock rules and this about our song of the summer, Crazy in Love:

Beyonce wins best R&B Video for “Crazy In Love,” which plays 75 times an hour on BET. I must admit that I think that “Crazy In Love” is one of the catchiest songs of all time. I can’t say the same about the video, which, three-quarters of the way through, takes a ridiculous turn when a car explodes and Beyonce starts strutting around Jay-Z in a fur coat. Just inexplicable. But then Beyonce gets drenched under a waterfall for about 30 seconds, and all is well again.