Garry Shandling and Brad Garrett make out

One word: Boring. Okay, maybe seeing Edie Falco and Stanley Tucci together is cute, and we liked that Fred Rogers got two shout-outs, but come on - Doris Roberts for the third year in a row? Tyne Daly again? Gothamist spent our childhood watching Tyne Daly rack up FOUR Emmys for Cagney and Lacey - hey, Television Academy, she's talented, but spread the love. This is why no one cares about the Emmys, when Frasier or Kelsey Grammer wins year after year. John Larroquette won four Emmys in a row for Night Court - his randy D.A. Dan Fielding was funny, but not THAT funny. Ugh, we were right when the nominations came out earlier this summer: We weren't happy while watching.

The Emmy winners and the Times on the Emmy winners.

The Daily News' David Bianculli was underwhelmed with the show as well and the Post's Adam Buckman points out the tackiness of mentioning the tribute to John Ritter during commercial teases from hour one of the telecast, only to actually air it late in the third hour.

Updated: Anthony at City Cynic blogged highlights of the show and, in fact, enjoyed it. While Gothamist does concede Conan and Jon Stewart were fun, the show still sucked in our book and we'll just have to agree to disagree.