We counted down our 10 most memorable subway moments of 2014 last week, but there were of course plenty of other weird and wonderful things that couldn't fit into one list. From 8 ball jacket fights to brand new subway stations, 2014 was chockfull of strange sightings on our mass transit system, including traveling washing machines, subway surfers, enchanting scooters and nudists. Click through for 20 more unforgettable subway moments from 2014.

Performance Piece Flower Petal Blues:Art can be cool, we guess, but you know what's even cooler? Cleaning up after yourself.

(Andrew Tess)

Washing Machine: We don't know how it got there, but we certainly hope it got off.

Nick D.

Subway Surf's Up: There were a few daring idiots who decided to take Chris Martin's advice to its logical extreme.

Proper Dining Etiquette: There were two gentleman who demonstrated the proper way to dine in traffic. The secret? Foldable tray tables and endless chill.

(Via Reddit)

Man Discovers Pure Joy Of Empty Subway Car:Inspirational.

F Train Derailment: It wasn't all subway songs and washing machines: 19 people were injured and over 1,000 were rescued after a Brooklyn-bound F train derailed in Woodside, Queens in May. It later came out that the derailment was the result of a lot of overlooked defects in the track that had gone unnoticed for around a year.


Subway Smokers: There were quite a few dudes who just wanted to have a smoke.

Photograph from reader EN

Subway Slip N' Slide:A valiant effort, even if there was an alarming lack of actual water.

Snakes On A Train: People can't stop, won't stop letting their snakes slither along the subway poles.

Dancing & Exercising: The subway: a perfect place to fit in some calisthenics and practice some dance moves.

Pee Train Mystery: The G train was haunted by a phantom micturator. We investigated.

Crime scene photo by Kris, via Eddie Going

A Doggone Situation: We're okay with you bringing a puppy onto the subway, but they certainly don't need their own seat.


Cardboard Paradise: A poor man's Michel Gondry tried to create a cardboard apartment in the subway system.


8 Ball Jacket Slap Fight: What happens when you combine the F train, late night drunks, and a particularly fashionable 8 ball jacket? A really loud slap.

Subway Buskers:Subway musicians fought back against authorities for their right to perform, and they even won some battles.

Fulton Center Subway Hub: The sparkling and expansive new Fulton Center subway hub finally opened to the public, becoming the biggest transit hub in NYC.

Taking the Fulton Center escalatorby Gothamist

Subway Nuptials: This couple loves the N train so much, they got married on it.

Scooter Charm: A man on a motorized scooter enchanted NYers.

And finally, Subway Nudist: At least he was wearing sneakers.

Peter Davis