2006_02_arts_lazertag.jpgAs you may or may not know, we love the show How I Met Your Mother (one character even has a blog - not an entirely new idea, but we like it). Last week two of the characters on the show went to a lazer tag park and declared that the game was totally making a comeback within 2 months. So we wanted to get prepared, because we actually think lazer tag could be fun!

Trying to prepare a list of lazer tag parks in the city proved to be harder than we thought, however. We suppose all of the old parks have since turned into something more profitable for the moment. Here is the only park we could find:

Lazer Park

[163 West 46th Street] The largest state of the art Laser tag arena in New York City. Dance or play in a 5,000 square feet futuristic arena with swirling fog and pulsating music.

Apparently that's where Leonardo Di Caprio, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Wu Tang Clan and the future king of Saudi Arabia all play tag.

Do you know of any other parks?