Kate Spade bag

Police and other authorities seized $2 million in counterfeit goods yesterday in Chinatown at 415 Canal Street. The haul included "enough fake Louis Vuitton clutch bags, bogus Kate Spade calfskin totes and faux Fendis to keep hundreds of low-rent supermodels happy through all 12 days of Christmas," reports the Times' Michael Wilson. Police Captain Kevin McGowan said, "I'm not saying these people are associated with terrorist organizations but some counterfeit rings are. It's a great way to destroy our economy." International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition president Tim Trainer says that consumers, while thinking they are getting a great deal, must remember that buying counterfeit goods can fund other illegal practices, like narcotics, prostitution, and gun-running.

There is a great brandchannel article about the counterfeit purse business, which reports that two 18year–olds who held a counterfeit purse party (the new black of Tupperware parties, we guess) were arrested.