Every Mad Men episode had an insane amount of visual detail accompanying the storyline, even if you didn't notice, and the prop department... well, almost always got it right. A small sampling of these era-appropriate accoutrements were on display at the recent MoMI exhibit celebrating the show, but the production's prop closet was likely larger than the Draper's first home. So where is all that stuff headed?

From a replica of a Ray's Famous Pizza box to mid-century fixtures and TAB cans that littered SC&P office desks... they can all be yours. Even Don Draper's suits, shorts, and 1965 Cadillac Coupe de Ville hit the auction block today.

Through August 6th, you'll be able to bid on items from the show, courtesy of ScreenBid. Prices are starting low and will likely skyrocket, but it's hard to say how high they'll get on the smaller items like Henry's legal pad. No one cares about Henry, or his legal pad. But Don Draper’s Manhattan penthouse furnishings? His collection of books? Peggy's suitcase? That aforementioned car? Or even this Trader Vic's scorpion bowl from season 5? These could end up costing you your allowance, Sally Draper.

P.S. Remember, this box is historically and regionally inaccurate!