One of the greatest annual events we look forward to each summer is The Met rooftop's seasonal rooftop exhibit. Throughout the years the artists given the massive space have ranged from Sol LeWitt to Roxy Paine to Jeff Koons to the awesome (and interactive) bamboo forest in 2010. Last year we were a little bit disappointed with the metal sculptures, but this year's installation looks magnificent, particularly with the Manhattan backdrop. Click through for some stunning photos of Tomás Saraceno's Cloud City—the 38-year-old's first major commissioned, site-specific installation.

The structure contains sixteen interconnected segments, measuring 54-feet long, 29-feet wide and 28-feet high. One visitor told the Washington Post, “You are not necessarily sure-footed on where you are going to put your feet because of the Lucite floor and mirror floor, so you do it very, very slow. But otherwise, I thought it was really cool.”

The exhibit is open during regular museum hours, through November 4th.