Today it was announced that The United States Postal Service will end Saturday mail delivery effective August 1st. (Note: this does not include P.O. boxes, and packages will still be delivered—only mail-to-the-door delivery will stop.) The move was one to save the cash-strapped agency—which, keep in mind, does not operate on tax dollars—about $2 billion annually.

It's way too easy to disregard the Postal Service in these days of constant and immediate online communication, but as Esquire recently asked, "Do We Really Want to Live Without the Post Office?" No, we don't. And if their six page article and oral history can't convince you of that, then click through for a look at the glory days of mail service.

And if you've never felt joy in opening a real piece of mail, we'll print out this post and mail it to the first 5 people who email us their address. (Update: we've hit the limit, but we encourage you to mail something today!)