In 1964, a year after his first exhibition was held at the Underground Gallery, photographer Duane Michals elegantly captured an empty New York City. The shots were taken of "transitional early morning moments" at diners, shops, parks, inside subway cars, and train stations. These were Michals's nod to French photographer Eugene Atget, who had previously done the same in Paris—he says:

"It was a fortuitous event for me [to discover the work of Eugene Atget in a book]. I became so enchanted by the intimacy of the rooms and streets and people he photographed that I found myself looking at twentieth-century New York in the early morning through his nineteenth-century eyes. Everywhere seemed a stage set. I would awaken early on Sunday mornings and wander through New York with my camera, peering into shop windows and down cul-de-sacs with a bemused Atget looking over my shoulder."

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