Last night Matilda the Algonquin Hotel cat celebrated the reopening of her home at her annual Cat Fashion Show. This is the latest Matilda's second fête, and this year she partied in a hotel suite instead of with the usual runway show... but costume was required of all felines. Click through for the latest in cat style: from bunny suits to top hats.

Sadly, the event has been on the decline after it hit its peak in 2010, but we're hoping for a comeback in 2013. Bring back the catwalk, Algonquin!

If you're keeping track, this Matilda is the hotel's 10th cat—the first was welcomed in from the streets in the 1930s, and in that spirit this annual event helps out other shelter cats. Last night there was an adoption center set up by Bideawee, and requested donations of $25 are going to NY Save.

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