2006_08_cat.jpgThere's nothing good about a fire, but seeing news footage of a pet store fire in Queens is pretty sad. One hundred thirty firefighters responded to the scene at Bob's Tropical Pet Center in Woodhaven, and many neighbors helped rescue hundreds of pets as well. Some animals had smoke inhalation, and firefighters were giving pets oxygen with the human masks! Lenore Telesca told WABC 7:

The kittens had smoke inhalation, they have burns on their pads, on several parts of her body. They were a little bit dehydrated, so we gave them some fluid therapy and some antibiotics...to bring their body temperatures up and stuff. Right now they're in stable condition.

Most of the pets survived, but around twelve tropical birds died.

The store's owner, Susan Gentile, had been in Pennsylvania but returned immediately. While she was upset about the damage, she was relieved that most pets were saved. It's unclear what caused the fire.