Recently, TruTV came out with a list of the "12 Dumbest Things New Yorkers Do," and while they have some valid points, we'd like to know where they're getting their information. We'll admit that waiting over an hour on line for brunch can be a pretty dumb idea, but eating Burger King's NY Pizza burger? Who does that? (Besides us.)

Honking at cars waiting for old ladies to cross the street, walking on a treadmill when there's a perfectly good sidewalk outside and driving drunk are all dumb things we can be guilty of, but save for that first one those decisions aren't exclusive to New York. Neither is trusting your money to a New Yorker, and we're pretty sure a lot of the people paying to sleep on the floor of the Natural History Museum aren't from around here. And does anyone know anyone who gets excited seeing Chris Noth on the street? Sex and the City ended six years ago, people, get over it.