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The Wooster Collective 11 Spring Street project finally opens its doors tomorrow. It'll be open from 11-5 from Friday to Sunday, on the corner of Elizabeth and Spring. We've been spending a lot of time inside the building over the last few weeks, and speaking frankly, it's probably the best collection of international streetart and graffiti you'll ever see in one place. So if that's your bag, definitely stop by. But don't take it from us-- the mainstream media has begun to descend. Today, the New York Times puts up its piece:

Now, after nearly two months of work by 45 artists, the show is almost ready. The building’s doors will be unlocked tomorrow for an open house that will continue through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. On Monday work will begin that will eventually seal most of the interior artwork behind pipes, wires and drywall.

“In a way the art is all going to disappear, but it’s also going to be sealed up in this incredible time capsule,” said Mr. Schiller, walking through the building Tuesday afternoon as more than a dozen artists continued to work on their pieces in a haze of aerosol fumes and sawdust.

Several of the artists involved in the project are still little known outside the street art world, but others have become highly successful designers, marketers and gallery darlings. Many converged on short notice from around the world to create artwork, some flown in and housed at the developers’ expense.

Tomorrow we'll begin putting up some shots of the interior of the building-- we've been asked not to share them until the exhibit is open to the public. Until then, enjoy these tasty 11 Spring links:

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