Time to dust off the ol' metal detector! The puppets and their masters have just set their treasure hunting adventure into motion. The We Lost Our Gold project officially begins today, which means that video clues are being unlocked that will eventually lead one lucky New Yorker to $10,000 in golden coins. For real! To take part, head over here to watch the videos (the first is below), which will be released one-by-one through September 19th.

According to CityRoom, the two men behind the videos "refuse to identify themselves" (over concerns for their own safety), and when we asked one man involved if this was a marketing gimmick, he told us, "It is for really real not!" Another told the site, “You can punch me in the nose if I’m lying to you. Which I’m not.” Guess you have to expect some skepticism when you're giving away $10,000 in cold hard coin.

The two 30-something Brooklyn artists pulling the puppet strings have created eight videos for a pirate-themed web series, and are using the treasure hunt as a way to drive traffic to it. The duo started collecting the golden coins two years ago, and have been keeping them hidden in their apartments since. But now their booty is buried somewhere in the city, and whoever finds it first gets to keep it. (Hint: it's not in Central Park.)