2005_10_1010wins.gifNew York's favorite AM radio station that gives us the world if we give them 22 minutes, 1010 WINS, is 40 years old. Newsday asks 1010 WINS about the famous line "Give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world," because "the station does three segments per hour, each one the same length" (it was probably a marketing hook). What's fascinating is that 1010 WINS was the first major all-news radio station in the country, and the blackout helped solidify its position as a news leader, as they were able to broadcast by hooking up a phone to the station transmitter. Fun fact: 1010 WINS was actually started in April, but they wanted to make their birthday on 10/10...however, Columbus Day forced them to have a party today - with Rudy Giuliani as the most important newsmaker in the past 40 years. We wonder if their 44th birthday will be a big one, as that's 22 + 22.

Do you listen to 1010 WINS? It happens to be what Gothamist relies on to wake us up as we can barely open our eyes. We'll stay under the cover and listen to traffic, transit and weather on the ones and be comforted by the clicking typewriters.