Kurt CobainYes, VH1 released their list of the the 100 best songs of the past 25 years. Yes, Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit was number one. Yes, Britney Spears' Baby More One Time is on the list. Yes, there is no Jeff Buckley. Yes, Norah Jones' Don't Know Why is on the list. Yes, there's not much British music (no Joy Division, New Order, Stone Roses, The Smiths and Blur...there is Oasis). Yes, an oh-so scientific panel of VH1 executives of chose the songs, thinking not about ratings or good built-in PR, but about the future of music. Yes, the list has been out for less than a day and Gothamist is cranky everyone trying to dissect whether it's a good list. It's a list, by VH1, using equal components of (1) potential buzz; (2) commercial popularity; (3) existence of a video, ideally interesting; (4) mark on pop culture; and (5) least of all, musical worthiness. There are certainly worthy choices of course, (Outkast's Ms. Jackson, The Clash's London Calling) but this not the end-all. At least, not until Entertainment Weekly gets their mitts on this idea.

To remedy that, Gothamist asks you what you think the best songs (give about five suggestions) of the past 25 years are. Emotional choices are welcome, as well as those necessary for the musical canon.

VH1's official site for the Best 100 Songs of the past 25 years and the list in full.