Even if it had one of the most unrealistic NYC apartments on television, Friends did capture some New York things fairly accurately, albeit in a sitcom-y and sometimes over-the-top way.

In 1995, around a year after the show's premiere, Rolling Stone even declared it to be "arguably the most consistently funny sitcom on TV," also noting that it could have gone in a totally different and horribly wrong direction. And many seem to remember it as if it had gone that way... but Friends was good! You know, it was a Fine show. And today marks the 10th anniversary of the series finale, so let's revisit some of the New York moments we remember:

The One Where They Showed A Realistic NYC Apartment On The Show

Would you date a guy featured on a subway ad for STDs?

When trying to get a couch to your apartment, just PIVOT!

Splitting the bill at a restaurant is always awkward

Upstairs neighbor loud? Just try talking with them...

Across the way neighbor... naked? Just deal with it...

Speaking of naked... everyone does this when their roommate's away, right?

Running in Central Park is fun

Remember when Monica worked at the Moondance Diner?

And Phoebe used to drive a cab?

That spot in the library where everyone makes out—you know the one:

What, you think Neil deGrasse Tyson sits with the tour guides?