Pitchfork, that music website that your Dad occasionally checks out to find "cool new bands," is teaming up with Bowery Presents to create a new music festival in New York City. Called "Pitchfork Presents: Forms," the event is scheduled for next February and will include between 50 to 70 acts, "all in the indie vein." "We've been strategizing for a number of years on how we could come up and do a festival that was impactful and unique," Pitchfork president Christopher Kaskie tells the Times. So, the exact opposite of what the name "Pitchfork Presents: Forms" implies?

Unlike Pitchfork's annual outdoor festival in Chicago, New York's verson will be spread out over the Bowery Presents venues and other galleries and museums, a la CMJ. People will have the opportunity to get tickets to single events or passes for the entire event. Pitchfork announced this summer that they'd created a festival in Paris, and the (somewhat controversial) Altered Zones network is having one at the New Museum on October 22 for CMJ.