Smart and limber adult film star Sasha Grey recently participated in the Read Across America program, for which the performer read a story to a classroom full of schoolkids. Controversy ensued! And so did immature puns. We admit it's annoying when someone bombs your Twitter feed with a bunch of annoying hashtag jokes, but somehow it's not annoying when you're joining in the "fun"... and when there are puerile sex jokes to be made. The #SashGreyReadsToKids hashtag (spawned and fully copyrighted by @JohnDelSignore, who is currently in talks with Random House for a lucrative Pop-Up Hashtag book deal) has yielded some real gems. Here are our ten favorite, so far:


Add your own clever/low-brow suggestions in the comments! What else do you have going on on a Friday night... (besides exploring Sasha Grey's impressive filmography?)