Last night, almost 13 years since The Big Lebowski opened to widespread critical indifference and box office tumbleweeds, the stars of the Coen Brothers' comic masterpiece gathered together at Hammerstein Ballroom for a cast reunion. Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, John Turturro and T Bone Burnett were all in the house to talk about the film in front of a raucous, sold out crowd. It was a weird night, man.

In some ways, the dynamic between the fans and the stars unfolded like a long-overdue family reunion: First there was a palpable wave of love flowing between the actors and the overly-exuberant Lebowski lovers. There was nostalgia for the good old days, then people started yelling at each other, and there was a lot of miscommunication and confusion. The acoustics were terrible, and the onstage monitors weren't letting the actors hear what each other were saying, or the questions posted by the moderator. And the fanboys in the crowd could hardly contain themselves, screaming a nearly constant litany of lines from the film. In a word: pandemonium.

"I haven't smoked pot in 20 years," Buscemi said. "But I feel like I'm stoned right now." Bridges: "This is surreal. Just so we're all on the same page: You're all yelling at us, but we really can't hear a word you're saying!" Then he led the audience in multiple OM chants to try to get them to take it easy, man. It was very dude, but the biggest roars of approval were showered on John Goodman, who placated the geeks by simply reciting lines from the film—which was screened immediately after the amusing awkwardness was mercifully brought to a close. That said, there were plenty of good vibes, and here are the high points:

  • After taking his seat, the first thing Buscemi said to the audience: "First of all, YOU shut the fuck up!"
  • Turturro explaining his performance as bowling sex offender The Jesus: "The role is very close to my life. I actually have gotten a lot of sex mail from women and men who want The Jesus to do things. Sometimes they want Jeff and Julianne involved."
  • Asked what the characters might be up to today, Bridges said the Dude "is giving massage. The Dude has become a masseuse."
  • Goodman imagines that a 2011 version of Walter is probably still leading a frustrated existence: "He tried to join the French Foreign Legion but they wouldn't give him Shabbos off."
  • Turturro recalled meeting the Coens' parents not long after The Big Lebowski came out: "When Joel and Ethan's parents were still alive, I asked them what they thought about the movie, and their mother said to me, 'I don't know where the boys come up with these ideas!' "
  • Asked if they kept any mementos from the set, Buscemi explained that he saved all the bowling shirts Donnie wore, and also said, "I've never done this on any film, but I got a bowling ball and asked the whole cast to sign the bowling ball. They all signed it, but I remember Sam Elliot saying, 'I don't usually do this.' I have to tell you, I keep it locked in a safe because I'm afraid you're all going to break into my house."
  • Turturro on The Jesus's bowling ball polishing: "I was just fooling around and I showed it to Ethan, and Ethan said it was really horrifying. I have to say the idea of shining your own balls really appeals to me.
  • John Goodman: "Does anybody have a VHS copy of Logjammin'? I'd be interested in that."
  • Julianne Moore said that a few years after the movie came out, she started realizing it was a becoming a cult phenomenon. "I'd walk down the street and someone would come up to me and say, "Hey, you're in my favorite movie, you'll never guess what it is!" And I'd say, 'The Big Lebowski.' And they'd say, 'How'd you know, man?!' "
  • Turturro once again brought up his idea for a sequel/spin-off to The Big Lebowski starring his character, The Jesus. (He talked about this with us at length during our interview.) "It's called The Second Coming," Turturro explained. "Jesus drives a school bus and coaches a kids' soccer team. Joel and Ethan love the scenario but they refuse to write it or direct it. It's a story of redemption, sort of like The Bad News Bears."

Last night's what-have-you coincided with Universal Pictures releasing a Blu-ray version of the film, and the debut of Jeff Bridges's new self-titled album, which he made with T Bone Burnett, who did the music for The Big Lebowski. The event also topped off the NYC Lebowski Fest; check out our photo feature from the previous night's costume party at Chelsea Piers. And if you're somehow still hungry for more Lebowski, there's a livestream video of last night's reunion available for the next week here.