Because this poor Welsh town councilor insists he's not Banksy, but who can really say, here are your end-of-day links: Jumaane Williams IS running for governor, Airbnb drama in Hudson, NYU sexual harassment suit, the White House has a plan for the apocalypse, Jon Hamm loves being in commercials, and more.
The team will also reportedly begin anti-gun violence efforts in the Bronx.
Shannon Cocozza was making a left turn when she struck a one-year-old and the baby's mother.
Who doesn't love broken pay phone porn? Here are your early links: Mayor Adams is a Crystals Guy, weed sales in NJ are high as hell, Ted Cruz vs. British reporter, slasher Winnie the Pooh, Queen Elizabeth impersonator, egg chandelier, and more.
Parents interviewed by Gothamist said they feel they have to send their kids to class with items that can protect them from the violence erupting in their communities.
"One of the ways we combat racism and hate ... is by teaching and learning about each other's stories and histories," Schools Chancellor David Banks said.
Roni Rubinov, 42, of Queens, is accused of recruiting career thieves to steal items from luxury retailers and drugstore chains and selling them on eBay.
“I’m not going to sit here and stand for a school getting shot up."
Because calm down, they're in the Central Park ZOO, here are your end-of-day links: Newark is the new Hollywood, Trump will have to go under oath, Adam Neumann is doing carbon credit crypto something, Ray Liotta died, adult vacations are now sexual wellness retreats, and more.
A group of about 80 nonprofit and public nursing homes throughout New York are suing Gov. Kathy Hochul and other state officials over new minimum staffing and spending requirements that took effect this year.
All the food news you need — plus, how closed are the beaches, really?
Because there's no rule saying you have to give interviews or do debates or show your face in public in order to run for office, here are your early links: gun violence the leading cause of death for American youth, Yeezy Gap Balenciaga postponed because of shooting, MTA ridership is higher in working-class neighborhoods, Kim Kardashian's weird fake meat ad, and more.
Workers walked off the job to protest what the say are unfair wages and scheduling practices
The newly carved 10th Congressional District includes the neighborhoods of Manhattan's Chinatown, the Lower East Side, Sunset Park and Park Slope.
The CONNECT program seeks to expand behavioral health care beyond the clinic walls by allowing staff to engage patients outside of the facility — while still offering people a home base.
Sundiata Acoli, ex-member of revolutionary black nationalist groups, was convicted in the 1973 slaying of State Trooper Werner Foerster.
The number includes individuals who entered a shelter after Department of Social Services outreach teams engaged them in the city’s subway system since the mayor's safety program kicked off in February, a spokesperson says.
Only one Republican candidate mentioned guns in their response to the attack.
Following the Texas school shooting and an uptick in weapons recovered form city schools, the mayor said he would remake a 2011 video in which he shows families how to search their children’s backpacks and rooms.
The goal of these tough conversations is not to come up with all the answers, but to encourage a sense of safety, a trauma expert says.
Because he loves the police, here are your end-of-day links: Brian Lehrer Show on the Texas shooting, Hudson Valley farms sue over NYC foie gras ban, Dr. Oz race headed to a recount, Salad Cream for the Queen, Ice-T's 6-year-old in a stroller, and more.

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The New York governor says she wants to keep guns out of the hands of 18-year-olds.
Dannel Malloy was the governor of Connecticut during the Sandy Hook massacre. He said there were eerie similarities between that and the Texas shootings.
“Take a deep breath and know that safety's first and that mommy will make it at some point, if anything happens.”
Because the Junior's scion is concerned about the rise in shootings, here are your early links: 27th school shooting of the year, Rikers to stay under city control, the Apartment Mayor, the Sadboi Big Man, Boris Johnson's lockdown party details, Eleven Madison Park's $300 vegan meal kit, and more.
The former Massachusetts transportation secretary is giving New York City a preview of his leadership style.
Legislation under debate in Albany would make fundamental changes in how thousands of public housing units in the city are classified. Many tenants say they fear it will lead to an erosion of their protections under federal law.
“I am sick and tired of it. We have to act."
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