Individual districts and day care centers will still be able to institute their own requirements.
Because the cost of assorted raw vegetables with dips is too damn high, here are your end-of-day links: Weed World slowly paying off parking tickets, tennis is cool, dive bar-flavored ice cream, LanternflyTok influencer, pants that won't crush your crotch, and more.
Because Norway has euthanized its famous walrus after too many people kept trying to take selfies with her, here are your early links: Empty Time in NYC, Citi Field parking lot casino woes, MTA woes, spotted lanternfly battle, we can't do anything about guns but we can teach "bleed control," a very old organ in Atlantic City is being restored, and more.
The boy did not appear to be wearing a helmet and his father was charged with endangering the welfare of a child.
Three years after the death of Layleen Polanco in solitary confinement, a new report documents systemic failures that have left most people misclassified, starting with the cops and courts.
The New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers will also be covering the victim's funeral expenses, along with the owners of Big Apple Taxi Fleet Management, where the victim worked.
It has been three years since the community was able to march down Sixth Avenue because of cancellations and delays related to the pandemic.
The man was sitting on a bench at the P.O. Reinaldo Salgado Playground on Monroe Street in Bed-Stuy when a piece of a nearby tree fell onto his head, officials say.
Organizers called for or an emergency use authorization of the tecovirimat, or Tpoxx antiviral drug, an investment in new testing that detects the virus before skin lesions appear and more educational outreach to all communities.
Mayor Ras J. Baraka announced Saturday that the advisory, which was put in place after a water main break on August 10th, is no longer in effect.
Busloads of asylum seekers arriving in New York last week helped move the debate on immigration policy north.
The anti-gun violence rally was part of the annual Harlem Week festivities.
On the first day of early voting, Gothamist spoke to voters in two of New York City's most competitive primary races.
It’s impossible to keep up with everything happening in New York City arts and culture, but here are a few recommendations for events you shouldn’t miss.
Here’s an explainer that’ll bring you up to speed on what to expect.
A last-minute guide to one of the most crowded midterm races of the year.
Customers were left wondering what happened, with only a note taped to the front of the store that explained the closure.
The author suffered a stab wound to the neck and was airlifted to a local hospital.
A clerk says the case will be heard in Essex County.
Because proceeds of the sale of her kitchenware will go to charity, here are your end-of-day links: back-to-school relief checks, NYC can't quit landfills, Weezer's Broadway residency canceled, Liz Cheney sounds off, blue whales are so big, TikTok nicknamers, splooting panda, and more.
The branch, which is located at 135 East 46th Street, will cease operations when its current lease is up on December 1st.

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The news means that unvaccinated New Yorkers, including close to 14% of children under 5, are at risk of contracting polio, an incurable disease that can cause paralysis and death.
A 10-day celebration running August 12th-21st, Harlem Week offers concerts, health events, virtual dance parties, and more for audiences of all ages.
The long, drawn out saga of the Adams administration’s cuts to school budgets has had many twists and turns over the past couple months.
Because 80% of past primary voters in the newly drawn 10th Congressional District live on majority-white blocks, here are your early links: scary hit-and-run, SoHo's go-to table lamp, bashing New Jersey, Amagansett man called the cops on a cone, Keenan Thompson's Hollywood star, pickleball can't be stopped, and more.
Primary Day is Aug. 23rd. There are 13 Senate primaries — 12 Democratic and 1 Republican — within the five boroughs.
The city is wrapping up a record-setting summer with 100,000 jobs for young New Yorkers.
It’s part of the city's ongoing effort to decrease mosquito activity and the potential spread of West Nile virus.
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