Because your sustainable bottle sounds like a grenade when it hits the office floor, here are your end-of-day links: Fake Trump endorsements, Mets rookie, Seaport food, cigarette butts all over the place, nicotine gummies, Texas school district bans the Bible, Amandla Stenberg goes after a critic, and more.
The rise of the outdoor dining shed has drawn praise and a new set of problems.
But Amy DeGise, politically connected throughout Hudson County, says she remains "committed to this position on the council."
The bill sets aside $369 billion for initiatives like incentives to buy electric cars and electrify home heating.
Because the AARP double-checked and yes, two-thirds of the June primary voters were over 50, here are your early links: Catskills hotel fire, turtle massacre on Long Island, Plácido Domingo sex trafficking scandal, Japanese youths don't drink enough sake, CDs turn 40, scientists discovered why an ancient tiny organism had a mouth but not an anus, and more.
Severe drought conditions have expanded into parts of the South Shore of Long Island, Dutchess and Putnam counties, and Northern New Jersey, according to the latest data released Thursday from the federal authorities that track conditions nationwide.
Mass mailings of more than 500 pieces are prohibited during the blackout period, but these letters were only sent in batches of 499 addresses or fewer.
Since they were passed a year ago, New Jersey's anti-eviction measures have resulted in the dismissal of 10,000 eviction cases. But advocates say more should be protected.
A farm stand outside the gates will stay open, even if food can’t be brought inside.
Activists and lawmakers say the city must step up after a 74-year-old man was struck and killed while crossing a busy street in Ridgewood last week.
The test is whether the Times' endorsement will have enough influence to bring a candidate to the finish line.
Because the American Dream is an eerily empty city you can drive 60 mph through, here are your end-of-day links: Jersey Shore gull woes, Battery Park residents love their grass patch, CDC is elitist and bad at its job, pity the paparazzi, try a NASCAR spritz, and more.
The state now has 10 community vaccination sites.
The app comes as the MTA tries to boost ridership on its commuter rails.
How do you find your old vaccine records? Is a child protected if they haven't had all their shots? Who's at risk, and does polio spread in pools? Here’s a guide to facing a polio outbreak in 2022.
So far, seven PACs have combined to spend more than $1.6 million on Democratic Senate primaries.
Because a resident of a luxury Upper East Side building keeps egging her neighbors' front doors, here are your early links: ITT Tech debt forgiven, more weed trucks seized, Jared Kushner's memoir panned, John Gotti's grandson's toxic scrapyard, and more.
The union that was formed on Staten Island is organizing outside of Albany.
The councilwoman, along with peers who've hedged about whether she should resign, will face the public Wednesday night.
Virus activity has been steadily rising citywide with more than 1,000 positive mosquito pools detected — the highest number ever recorded — compared to 779 at this point last year.
Because we could see why maybe the guy thought it was a good idea at the time, here are your end-of-day links: Mafia crackdown, Long Island shover trial, Big Pickleball won't stop, crudité without tequila, Ben Savage is running for office, Mullet Boy, and more.

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A judge ruled the state's ethics board did not follow proper procedure in revoking a waiver for the former governor to write and profit from his book.
"If New York laughs, it cascades across the entire country, and the country laughs," Mayor Adams said. "And then we will turn around the devastating impact of the sadness that accompanied us during COVID."
Scientists at CUNY and the American Museum of Natural History warn that as they learn more about the incredible evolutionary traits of these iceberg-dwelling fish, time is not on their side.
Because at the rate you're paying, it's worth doing some sleuthing, here are your early links: epic Queens mail carrier fraud, New Jersey rodeo, Ivana Trump's final lonely days, airplane chunk lands in Maine, Melissa Etheridge coming to off-Broadway, and more.
The hearing comes on the heels of a series of brutal heat waves.
There have been at least two tree-related fatalities since the weekend.
These charts show the spread of monkeypox in NYC and the nation.
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