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The city comptroller demanded that the mayor release more detailed data on migrants while a state lawmaker said he was recently prohibited from touring a migrant facility in his district.

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The "Long Island Audit" is part of a growing movement of so-called constitutional activists who test whether officials will allow them to exercise their First Amendment rights.

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Rashid Ali Bynum is accused of killing Sayreville Councilmember Eunice Dwumfour. His extradition hearing is set for June 29.

Because Queens has claimed the title of the city's dirtiest beach, here are your end-of-day links: More kids are coming to school high, a look at NYC’s beach hygiene, plus more stories from around the city and internet and more.

There's something suited to every taste happening free of charge almost every day in New York City, from world-class concerts, theater and dance to outdoor film screenings and exercise classes.

A judge is asking the state attorney general's office and Hanover schools to work out their differences on a new policy.

Several nearby schools are under “shelter-in” orders as the suspects remain at-large.

Now anyone can register online, not just people with a New York driver’s license or ID.