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These charts show the growth of COVID-19 in New York City and the tri-state area. kim

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Veteran emergency medical worker Alison Russo-Elling was laid to rest Wednesday on Long Island.

We’re excited to unveil a redesigned look for Gothamist today, right on the eve of its 20th anniversary.

The Breezy Point Historical Society was created from the storm’s wreckage to preserve photos, newspapers, and even a long-lost film of Jackie Robinson.

The mayor made his remarks as the City Council released its own plan to manage the crisis.

A state court has temporarily halted a lawsuit challenging efforts to make the city's outdoor dining program permanent.

Because the late Queen's daughter had a great time on the ferry yesterday, here are your end-of-day links: Record-setting pumpkin grown outside Buffalo, they're going to proceed with the filming of "Rust," mint-chocolate fried chicken is all the rage in South Korea, and more.