A fleet of mini-plows will get their first test this weekend, with as much as a foot of snow expected.
The indoor mask mandate, which applies to businesses and indoor spaces that do not require vaccination, had been set to expire this coming Tuesday.
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The plan is to avoid another outbreak of COVID that disrupted the beginning of the spring semester.
Hundreds of flights were already canceled in the area as of Friday morning.
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As energy provider National Grid awaits New York’s final answer on the air permit for two new liquid natural gas vaporizers, community groups are putting pressure on Hochul to reject it, citing violation of environmental laws.
The NYPD reports 26 people were shoved onto the tracks in 2020, and 30 people were shoved last year.
As Brooklyn president, Adams sought to shield minors from being tried as adults.
The opinion from the New York City Conflicts of Interest Board was in response to a waiver request from City Hall that dropped the initial six-figure salary.
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The new report by Human Rights Watch found a lack of oversight of NYCHA’s private management program.
The case was among the most violent in a state with a long history of political skullduggery
We're asking for your help to identify some of the best and worst public dog runs across the five boroughs.
The former Alaska governor was out at Campagnola Tuesday and Elio's (again) on Wednesday. On Monday it was revealed she has Covid-19
For community groups in support of a hearing, the chance to offer input on any maps can define power in communities over the next ten years.
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This marks the first time Biden will meet with Adams as mayor.
Actor Sam Waterston, who has been named a "Living Legend" by the NY Landmarks Conservancy, testified on behalf of the theater.
Under new rules that go into effect Monday January 31st, the quarantine period for students who test positive is being reduced from 10 days to five with some conditions.

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While the exact path of the storm remains uncertain, forecasters with the National Weather Service said the region would likely get more than six inches of snow — with the possibility of a foot.
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A new study examines the nation’s aging energy infrastructure and how climate change will impact power generation. For the Northeast, flooding is a serious concern because plants are located near water.
With the legal battle ongoing, there’s some confusion about the current status of the state mask mandate and what it means for teachers, students, retail workers and others who might be affected.
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The plan is at odds with a transition report put out by his own transition team just two months ago.
Wilbert Mora has been in critical condition since Friday
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